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April 27, 2009
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  • Days of Swine and Doses
"Swine flu rages! Finally there's something deadlier from a pig than pork rinds!"
  • Kid Nation
"Plus, a Shout Out to my kid viewers! Then, I give them a Shout At for being up past their bedtime! COME ON GUYS LIGHTS OUT!"
  • Rock & Opinion Steering
"Then my guests are the indy rock group The Decemberists! For those keeping track: tonight's the night they sell out!"

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I say po-tah-to! End of story!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
April 27, 2009 The Colbert Report


  • Dr. Colbert got right to the issues of the day with a bottle of anti-bacterial
  • we should have seen this coming
    • too many
  • porky the Prophet
  • more comforatble with coyote flu
  • jews & Muslims were right about
    • Christians have to comfort: The One True God
  • hits young & strongest the hardest
    • something from pig, something from bird, something from human (Dr. Colbert's paella recipe
  • no mass outbreak in U.S.
    • government made tamiflu to AIG

Shout OutEdit

  • look into the eyes of a child
    • beautiful

Shout Out Kids Edition

  • "Molly"
    • Stephen T. Colbert Transformer--doesn't transform into anything because nothing is better than Stephen Colbert
    • took issue: didn't like that Stephen suggested Ewoks be eaten
  • a wok is the best pan for sauteeing Ewoks
  • promises never to eat Ewok
  • "Edison(sp) B."
    • looks like Stephen around the eyes
    • likes 10-15 sec of Nazi
    • his father was deployed to Iraq
      • it's like Stephen is a Marine
    • pick a classroom project
  • caterpillars are magic worms
  • Dr. Colbert doesn't believe in charity without a high-stakes competition
  • Go to, follow the link to donors choose and give to one of the schools whose students have parents deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan


  • Dr. Colbert if you go cookoo for cocoa puffs
  • Russian doctors thought they 2" fir tree
    • gave his tape worm something decorative
  • Roundup Herbicidal Nasal Spray
  • Dr. Colbert waterboarded a plant
    • live
  • swallowing
  • set eyeballs to record
    • Rare Correction
  • gave a shout out to "Molly"
    • 12 minutes ago
    • he looks so young
  • Molly is actually is 25!
    • she lied to Stephen
  • after carving a slice, Dr. Colbert declares that they do taste like Wookie!


  • they tour on bicycles
  • why the 19th century?
    • his sideburns are album-specific
  • recurrent motifs from old folk songs
    • won't need reference books
  • will come back after the break to perform a song about a shape-shifter and a woodland creature



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