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April 23, 2009
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  • Walk of Blame
"Who's to blame for the economic crisis!? All I can say is: if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, the ducks probably did it!"
  • Birth Denouncement
"Then, more on the Obama birth certificate scandal! And, just in time; I was starting to worry about more important things!"
  • Have A Cow, Man
"And my guest Elizabeth Bintliff of Heifer International sends live animals to developing nations! If she really wanted to help, she'd send food!"

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My show is suitable for ages 9 to 99! After that, you're Willard Scott's problem!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
April 23, 2009 The Colbert Report


  • floor has been replaced with trampoline
  • what he names his anatomical parts is no one's business but his own
    • he will twitter it
      • and not with his thumbs
  • Obama's releasing interrogation techinques
  • Dr. Colbert says dropping the f-bomb on air is against everything America stands for
  • Dr. Colbert's Spicy List
    • this is America, we do not whack
    • turd burglar
    • dry hump
    • boobies
    • circle {beep}
  • Samuel Jackson
    • MOnkey Fighting Snakes on This MOnday to friday Plane!
  • America does not freakin' say fucking on camera
  • Monkey fighter with a conscience


  • Americans are angry at lost savings
    • and angry at meds for keeping
  • Note to self: tewak dosage
  • who to specifically be mad at
    • defaulting hiome
    • gun control advocates
    • things that can be smashed
  • Hulk Inddpendent
  • tried blaming economic crisis on
    • Jim Cramers
  • lashing at who ever is handy
    • employees at a division of AIG
  • heckling car models
  • 3.7 million people laid off in the last 6 month
  • great business model
    • supply and demand
  • high demand to be angry
    • high supply easy target
  • hire unemployed
    • nut punch them
    • taser them
    • whack them on knee-caps
  • Win-win
  • we get our anger out
    • we get groceries
  • Brunt doubles might get angry themselves
    • pain it forward
  • anger bubble may burst
  • Dr. Colbert's plan doesn't fix things, but his goal is not to fix things
    • until we can all agree who to angry at, tearing each other apart is the best thing we've got


  • Dr. Colbert helped Bill Posey
    • introduced HR 1503
  • Posey's bill failed
  • couldn't get a co-sponsor
  • there's no reason to say that Posey is the part alligator
    • Dr. Colbert quelled the rumors
  • another baseless rumor is now rampant
    • illegitimate son of an alligator
  • his grandmother was a notorious crock-tease
    • suddenly very ugly
  • stop the gossip
    • requiring him to submit to a DNA test


  • livestock
    • cows, goats, chickens
  • feed themselves, sell the surplus
  • give a man a cow, you feed him for a day
    • teach the man to cow, he can feed himself for a lifetime
  • 50 different species of animals
    • very hard to milk a worm
  • produce manure for crops
  • Daisy the cow
  • in over 15 countries
    • including the US
  • also breed
  • anyone who receives an animal is obligated to give the offspring to others
    • promoting pre-marital cow sex
      • they try to marry the cows off
  • run the countries and cows through the terrorist network before including them in the program


  • Dr. Colbert just wants to say, "Good night, Daisy!"


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