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April 16, 2009
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  • Bride of Frank & Stan
"Gay marriage threatens New York! On the plus side, I'll finally be able to marry myself!"
  • Shah Rukh Candidate
"Then, India holds its elections! I believe they have over 300 positions for voting!"
  • Til Doug Do Us Part
"And my guest Doug Kmiec doesn't believe government shouldn't be in the marriage business! They also shouldn't be in the government business!"

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I hate to pat myself on the back, so I have my assistant do it!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
April 16, 2009 The Colbert Report


  • Dr. Colbert has a pounder (headache)
    • he's sorry, bear with him
      • Still recovering from a hard night from tea bagging
  • with Michael Steele & Joe The Plumber
    • funny taste in his mouth
  • not just his head
  • he googled tea bag
    • found another definition
  • sexual insult doesn't begin to describe it
  • not what he was doing
  • takes courage
    • and cojones


  • other cultures are pretty fucked up
  • in India
  • In Patagonia
  • in some U.S. states two dudes can get married
  • cannot be solved by clearing our your web browser
  • Dr. Colbert loves that ad
    • like watching the 700 Club and the Weather Channel at the same time
  • this storm is coming
  • Massachusetts legalized marriage
  • Iowa voted to strike down gay marriage ban
    • nothing else to do in Iowa
    • shuck corn
    • drag race
    • pound a sixer
    • shuck more corn
    • propose to your football coach
  • David Paterson wants to legalize gay marriage in New York
    • cannot get a marriage announcement in the New York Times
    • sneak it into a police interview
  • stormfront moving into the homefront
    • Dr. Colbert made his own ad
  • Colbert Coalition (National Organization for Colbert)
    • a rainbow of people coming together in a commercial
    • won't make you retroactively gay
  • paid for a church that may or may not be the Mormons
  • when gays get rights, ours get taken away

Democracy In IndiaEdit

  • wants to recommend Slumdog Millionaire
    • trivia
    • police brutaility
  • $64,000 Tasing
  • voting began in India's parliamentary election
    • 400 million people
    • voting lasts a month
  • welcome to break out in dance
  • between flag pins and gay marriage
  • poverty and economy
    • 2/3 of voters are from rural areas
  • in 2004, BJP was voted out
    • and they don't vote against their interests
  • give Shashi The Bump
    • put a chicken in every pot, but not likely a chicken in every tandoor(sp) because he's a vegetarian
    • vegetable corma(sp)


  • thinks government shouldn't be in the marriage business, Stephen agrees; they do terrible floral arrangements
  • 2 things
  1. Can a Catholic Support him?
    short book, answer is no (Kmeic claims "yes we can")
  2. he can solve the gay marriage storm
    state doesn't do everything well (don't get baptised)
  • marriage is making the babies
    • Stephen thought he was a Catholic
  • the Kmiec family cannot compete
  • what will people do if the state pulls out?
    • won't have children that way
  • church decides who gets married, state
  • gays can get a license (straights too) from the state
  • no atheists can get married
    • go to a church or start their own atheist church
  • he's playing a semantic game
    • three people could make a contract
  • if gay marriage is allowed ...
  • Stephen only got married as a taunt
    • wrote his own vows: na-na-na-na-na-na
  • state should not adopt any one religion
    • but, if they had to (Catholic)
      • hypothetically in a world where monkeys eat meat


  • Dr Colbert salutes The Heroes a firm good night everybody!


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