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April 8, 2009
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  • Gulf Course
"An update on my trip to the Persian Gulf! I can't wait be in a region with a more stable economy!"
  • Let Slip The Dog's Award
"Then, I choose my Alpha Dog of the Week! See Obama, it's not so hard to pick a dog!"
  • Paper On Fire
"Andy my guest Phil Bronstein discusses the impending death of the newspaper industry! Where will they print the obituary!?"

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Put your money where your mouth is! It's a lot safer than a bank!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
April 8, 2009 The Colbert Report


  • Dr. Colbert has been waiting his entire life awaiting en event
    • son to sacrificial alter before God makes his move
  • New york Times fuill page ad
    • 28 years (sharp turns in those words)
  • sun returns
    • 6,000 years ago to collect $200
  • only 3
    • prior to escaping
    • prior to escaping Purim
  • Hebrew to gregorian iPhone ap
    • 5769 is right now!
  • can only one thing
  • one hasn't finished doing his taxes
    • he still has his Asians
  • to part the security guards
  • they didn't finish Dr. Colbert's pyramid
    • Jimmy will ready the chariot to get after them


  • Where in the world is Matt Lauer
    • lost Jews
  • Stephen was hoping this would be the year to lose him
  • Stephen will go on his own extravagant trip
    • To the Persian gulf
  • fertile crescent
  • Pentagon won't let him know which country or when country
  • Adopt don't ask don't tell policy
    • Stephen is bi-curious
  • somewhere in the eye slit of Stephen's burqa-covered
    • Seven countries, where the US has troops
  • press your luck board
    • no sunnis, no sunnis, no sunnis ...
  • is it Bahrain?
    • may wear the Cher outfit
    • HQ of 5th fleet
    • make it unpleasant for pirates
  • 3.5x the size of D.C.
    • 10 times more influence in Congress
  • King al-Kalifa
    • women vote
    • may gain right to leave the house
  • need to prepare
    • Stephen has been weight training
      • can press a stapler all the way down
        • needs to warm up (abs were targeted)
  • always be wearing SPF 45
  • hired a fleet of body doubles to confuse the enemy
  • when their shirts are off, it's hard to tell them apart
    • Stephen will wear a big gold "S" on his chest

Alpha Dog of the WeekEdit

  • if you ask a regular dog, what's on top of the
    • a hot tub for all my bitches!
  • former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens
    • swings so much Alaskan pipeline, he earmarked the bridge to nowhere
  • Stevens became head dog of the Ballditerod(sp)
  • Steven's two great loves
    • fishing
    • taking bribes
  • knows many words for snow job
  • the truth came out; Stevens was exonerated
  • Stevens could have squandered
    • equated his experience with the very people
  • stirring words for seeking justice for others
    • as long as those others are you


  • newspaper editor
  • he is applying for a job
    • they aren't hiring right now, tough economy
  • Stephen read about the dying newspaper
    • in a newspaper
  • like going to a bar and saying who wants to buy me a drink; I have herpes
  • variety of things killing newspaper
    • Stephen may be one of them
  • Google isn't helping
  • AOL gets it's news from newspapers
  • editor of San Francisco Chronicle
    • may hang in there
  • 10 years ago newspapers decided not to charge for online content
    • Adam and Eve moment
      • Eve may have been charging for something
  • newspapers are the only thing that supports rooms of journalists
  • niche market newspaper
    • make special stories for certain people
  • farmers can go to the G20
  • solution
    • Napster didn't hurt music industry
  • gold rush industry
  • iTunes
    • there may be a jail term for people who don't pay for their news
  • Center for Investigative Reporting
  • if newspapers hold the powerful to account through investigations
    • if they go away; we may enter golden age of corruption
      • Stephen might be able to make a buck out of it
  • handheld won't tell you if a local politician is a crook
    • can get naked pictures from the political crook


  • Dr. Colbert wants The Heroes to remember that you can save a tree, sign up for The Colbert Report's electronic edition
    • far too many people still get the show on cable!


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