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April 1, 2009
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  • Stock Answer
"The take-home message about this economy: there is nothing to take and you have no home!"
  • Kings Of The Pill
"Then, doctors may have found a new miracle cure! But, who would want to cure miracles!?"
  • Hold The Moyo
"And my guest Dambisa Moyo says we should stop sending aid to Africa! It's all in my new song, "We Aren't The World"!"

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Hey, songbirds nesting outside my window!? You are now eighty-two months behind on your rent!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
April 1, 2009 The Colbert Report

This Week In French Rioting NewsEdit

  • thank America to make the choice to
  • soaked with gasoline, Stephen is a strike any where match
  • people are desparate
  • French have gone loco in the bagette
    • kidnapped bosses locked them in invisible boxes
  • 3M boss was locked in his office
    • French government gave him 6 months vacation
  • 3M is like a kidnapping super store
  • once again Americans will have to show the French how it's done
    • just like we did with the mustache
      • which is how we
  • Dr. Colbert has kidnapped Sumner Redstone
    • in crawl space, eating from an automatic cat feeder
  • April Fools, that's not actually Sumner Redstone!

The EconomyEdit

  • G20 summit in London
  • Slovenia
  • Laos
  • $cienbtology
  • Obama arrived
    • goal fix shattered global economy
    • that's why it's a full day
  • even Dr. Colbert gets confused
    • Timothy Geithner made one thing clear, he doesn't want to be near any of it
  • everythign is changing too fast
    • the only eternal thing: Matthew McConaughey shirtless on the beach
      • oh, no with a wife and baby!
  • Geithner released his plan
    • Dow went up 500 points
  • Dow is easy to understand
    • stock price of 30 companies
      • uses average
  • BofA
  • McDonald's
  • when the line goes up, things are okay
    • things are always better
  • the market had spoken
  • Dow speaks in language meaningless to most Americans
  • record highs
    • 6 millions more Americans went into poverty
    • wages
  • new index
    • just as meaningless
    • always goes up
  • The Line
    • currently at 36,000
    • can be gold
    • and the boobies are huge
  • complex algorithm
  • secretary of the line
    • Alan Bronstein
  • projects confidence and zazz
  • we need something we can control, when everything is out of control
    • something we can hold onto no matter how thin the thread

Cheating Death with Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. Edit

  • bedside manner insists on cuddling
  • Cheating Death!
  • Prescott Pharmaceuticals, you're a customer for life, no matter how short that may be
  • Reproductive Health
    • clearance sale at
  • Slim Tot Baby Appetite Suppressant
  • Formula $3.99
    • all the sperm doesn't meet the 401 standards
  • side effects

ankle bearding precocious kidney hungry, hungry hipbones

  • Heart Health
    • PolyPil
  • Dr. Nancy Sneiderman says drugs are cool
    • can hardly tell it's Spring Break
  • why stop at 5 medications
    • Ulta VaxaMax
    • just one a day
      • take it with food, includes full turkey dinner
  • side effects
    • doesn't include

spaghetti ovaries

  • pattern baldness

Lou ferrignoes

  • Colon Health
    • Miami colonoscopies
  • Prescott introduces: disposable endoscopes
    • guaranteed clean, once is plenty
    • and military-grade
  • Remember, use a gentle twisting motion
  • side effects
    • scrotal bassoon
    • Jimmy Crackcorns
    • Harper subscriptions
  • At Prescott Pharmaceuticals, we bring good things to life (and bad things that we keep in cages)


  • Dr. Colbert has felt guilty for doing nothing
  • send boots, bootstraps
  • better way to help Africa
  • if not aid, will we have more money for ourselves
    • AIG guys
  • what's better than aid
  • positive ways to support people
    • free market, a regulated fashion, which isn't free
  • how did Africa get so poor?
    • no sub-prime market
  • money is used in corruption
  • inflation
  • debt burden
  • intention is good
    • model doesn't work
  • book talks about model does work
  • CARE, UNICEF are pyramid schemes
  • concentration job creation
  • aid groups bandaid solution
  • Diamond companies donate all the time
  • mobile communications'
  • banking
  • countries that are okay:
    • South Africa
    • Botswana
  • IMF predicts growth of 3%
  • blowing her chance of doing a duets album with Bono


  • Dr. Colbert just remembered he never finished a game of hide and seek when he was 7


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