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March 19, 2009
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  • Born to Run
"A new bill would require presidential candidates to produce birth records! Mitt Romney, you can just show your serial number!"
  • Step Up To The Mike
"Then, the latest in my rap battle with Michael Steele! Here's a preview! (folds arms in a gangsta-ish manner)"
  • Eighteen is Enough
"And my guest John McCardell thinks the drinking age should be lowered to 18! I plan to support him once my youngest turns 21!"

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Let's play rock, paper, scissors! (gestures "scissors") Mail in your answers and we'll see who won!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
March 19, 2009 The Colbert Report

Bill Posey's New LawEdit

  • Dr. Colbert wishes everyone was here
    • they went through so much together
  • Bill Posey saluted by Dr. Colbert
    • introduced Presidential candidates to submit birth certificate
      • Stephen wants to add a urine sample--for
  • remembered how questions about Obama's citizenship
  • as persistent as rumors that cable news has standards
  • Dr. Colbert would like to thank Posey by thanking him
    • demanding DNA tests that Florida congressman prove they are not part-alligator
      • enough of the rumors
  • his mother screamed, reptilian romeo, (etc)
  • Stephen did his part to make those rumors go away
  • Bill Posey's grandmother allegedly fucked an alligator

Steele Hip-Hop BattleEdit

  • It's an East-West thing
    • East Hampton, Westchester
  • Yo NBC Press
    • hip hop news
  • BYOI (bring your own it)
  • Steele probably needs time to get here from D.C.
  • Rainbows are God's way of frowning at gay people
  • Times up!
  • Grade-A Slamburger
  • Dr. Colbert revealed a Navy pinstripe hoodie and rapped
  • Dr. Colbert has the skillz to pay his children's private school billz
  • hip-hop response The Report put together for Steele
  • the sickest thing to drop from a Republican since Bill Bennet
  • Stephen declares that Steele won the rap battle
  • a conservative leader like Stephen trying to appeal to the hip-hop audience is insane in the membrane


  • Why is there a bull in the China shop? It wants to get gay married.
  • When Animals Attack Our Morals
  • chimpanzees
    • Santino collects rocks for visitors
    • Stephen understands the urge to throw rocks at Swedes, he's seen Mama Mia
      • Chimps drunk dial old researchers
      • they can plan
      • Stephen's theory that chimps were behind the assassination of JFK
  • Lizards
    • they're godless and he doesn't buy his insurance from them
    • young lizard males will pose as females to avoid confrontations with older males
      • Lizard Drag queens
    • fooled by tranny lizards before
  • spider
    • man who had been in a wheelchair bitten by a brown recluse and after therapy was able to walk again
    • impersonating Jesus (did not ascend to Heaven on a silky thread coming out of his butt)


  • John McCardell
    • Professor of History, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont
    • founder, director of Choose Responsibility, a group that advocates lowering the legal drinking age in the United States
  • thinks the drinking age should be lowered to 18, Stephen will make sure he isn't
  • bring it back to when Dr. Colbert was in college
  • they can join the military, get shipped to a country where the drinking age is 18
  • he trashed Palaoans
  • MADD deserves credit for lowering drinking and driving
  • driven youth drinking into clandestine environment
  • an attempt to be voted coolest college president of all time
    • a hall of fame
  • 135 college presidents signed on
  • Dartmouth students need the alcohol to get through the winter
  • horrible schools on the list
  • increase the incidence of Beer Pong (which causes herpes)
  • drinking games
  • risk to life and health


  • Dr. Colbert wants to remind The Heroes not to forget:
    • voting to name the NASA Space Node for Dr. Colbert ends tomorrow (Go to follow the links and type in "Colbert")
  • To infinity and Me-yond!


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