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March 17, 2009
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  • Opu-Less
"How will the wealthy weather the economic crisis!? Easy, we have weather control machines!"
  • Sounds Of Science
"And scientists make a revolutionary new discovery! (crosses fingers) Come on roller-skating microwave!"
  • Grann Finale
"And my guest David Grann has written a book about the secrets of the Amazon rainforest! (strokes chin) Hmm, I wonder how many trees it took to print that!?"

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It's St. Patrick's Day! So, you can kiss my Blarney Stones!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
March 17, 2009 The Colbert Report

Shout OutEdit

  • Green washes Dr. Colbert out
  • known for wearing a little green
    • reminds Stephen of the armed forces
  • Marines may be
    • Stephen is fewer and a complete narcissist
  • Colbert Report Shout Out
    • 153rd Infantry Regiment, Charlie Company
      • They invite Dr. Colbert to "come on over!"
  • he would do whatever he is told by anyone with an automatic weapon
  • taking the Colbert Report overseas!
    • to the Persian Gulf!
  • cannot tell all the details
    • do no reference the name of the country
  • there will be sand and people wish he would leave
    • could be the Bahamas
  • do not reference tour dates
  • To Recap
    • Colbert Report will visit troops in near or distant future (or past)
  • best news: Tickets are still available
    • go to, sign up,

Colbert AluminumEdit

  • it will be a relief
    • country has screwed the pooch
  • the recession is making us aim the death ray
    • for aluminum members only
  • if the amount that you've lost doesn't end in "illionaire"
    • tell the greyhounds bus driver to change the channel
  • New cigars:
    • Nubs, shorter versions of luxury cigars
  • latest fashion of the wel-to-do
    • New Faux Poor
      • canceling parties, firing the staff
  • show solidarity with the commoners: adopt a fake Cockney accent
  • some rich are not faking their losses
    • man is selling island
  • real estate tips
    • word real estate listing
      • tropical instead of malaria
    • gear to natural market
      • advance degree negative surname


  • those of us who don't understand science are under attack
    • why is gravity trying to keep Stephen down?
  • Obama reversed Bush's Stem Cell policies
    • desperate attempt to grow himself a Commerce Secretary
  • astrology
    • helps make staffing decisions
  • florescent cats
    • can live his dream of reading by cat light
  • our meat supply is under attack
    • from PETA
  • visionary scientist working to save the
  • Dr. Vladimir Maronov(sp)
    • he's a commie
    • Science of meat
    • new way to grow meat
      • grow meat in a petri dish, which may be a cat or meat
  • when is not the right question
    • when if you have all necessary money
  • PETA supports tissue culture meat
    • offered $1-million behind it
  • Shmeat
    • combination of shit and meat
    • inescapable future of humanity
    • tastes like Shmicken


  • fascinating story
  • he went to the amazon
    • followed the adventures of Percy Fawcett, a great Victorian explorer, Amazon 1906 (before Hollywood)
      • size of the United States
  • Stephen has no idea what's in Ohio
  • took 20 men with him half his party would die
    • did this for 20 years
  • when he began he was only mapping the area
    • didn't know Peru, Brazil or
  • his oldest son and his son's best friend
    • sent out dispatches via Indian runners (Early 20th Century twittering)
  • he didn't find it
  • after 5 months, he vanished
  • next 80 years people would search for him
    • they also died, malaria starvation, also got lost
  • has eye problems, fear of snakes
    • could have found it but didn't see it
  • Brad Pitt will star in it
    • will not play Grann, but Fawcett
  • to give Colbert a monkey necklace/crown
    • from the Kalapalos Indians


  • nearly midnight, time to update the Persian Gulf Clock
    • we are either one day closer--or further--there's no way to know


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