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March 16, 2009
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  • Sporting A Huge Bonus
"Your tax money is being spent on executive bonuses! At least it's not going to welfare!"
  • Depression Error
"Historians revisit the FDR presidency! Turns out the "D" stands for "Hussein"!"
  • The Graveyard Booking
"And, my guest Neil Gaiman wrote a children's book about a boy who being raised by ghosts! I believe it's the tragic sequel to Hop On Pop!"

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Hey, did you read today's London Financial Times!? Then, why are you watching this show!?
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
March 16, 2009 The Colbert Report


  • Dr. Colbert calms His Mob down to save their energy for things he
  • he's enraged
    • AIG is giving execs $165-million in bonuses
      • in ways we can't see, in for things we don't understand
  • abrogate
    • using a word when no one can afford a dictionary
  • we need to be a torch and pitchfork wielding mob!
  • Dr. Colbert wonders who could lead this mob, and his mob starts a chant of "Colbert, Colbert!"
  • There is a contract
    • if he succeeds, he gets $165 million
  • pitchfork holder beneath the C-Desk


  • judge finally threw Bernie Madoff in jail
  • many pundits saw FDR's treachery
  • massive government spending
  • New Deal prolonged the depression
  • Chait is implying conservatives are rewriting history
    • which is a good idea because we should rewrite the history of slavery
  • during the Great Depression, New Deal ameliorated people's misery
    • everyone's except the rich
  • he was unable to name one thing the New Deal did
  • none of the jobs FDR created were permanent
    • no one is still working them
  • he suggested that America build ships and throw them into the ocean
    • Stephen believes this is a bad idea


  • another pitchfork wielding patriot is Governor Mark Sanford (of South Carolina)
  • savior-based economy
    • we would only need one loaf
  • Sanford wants to use the stimulus money
  • Dr. Colbert is outraged, and demands South Carolina secede (again)
  • encore presentation of Better Know A Governor
    • with Mark Sanford


  • author of The Graveyard Book, which is fitting because Stephen will bury him!
  • pre-chewed bone to pick regarding the book
  • opening line of his children's book
    • "There was a hand in the darkness and it held a knife"
  • he claims all children's fiction contains an element of danger
    • he used Peter Cottontail as an example
  • the moral of the book is dead people are nice
    • life is worth living, it has meaning
  • there is a danger children will no longer be afraid of graveyards
  • how dead people raise children
    • they have no teats
      • he cheated: a vampire lives in the graveyard, who goes out at night
  • he's making it all up (regarding the dead people)
  • there are people on the other side of Dr. Colbert's perception
  • Gaiman loved HP Lovecraft & JRR Tolkein
  • he has an accent
    • doesn't sound America
      • he is originally from England
  • his book won a Newberry Award
    • taking it from an American writer
  • re-let the cat out of the bag about Stephen's book
  • Gaiman recommended Art Speigleman as an American illustrator


  • Dr. Colbert wishes he could hug everyone of his heroes


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