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March 12, 2009
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  • Amazing Face
"Guess where my face is showing up now!? Besides your grilled cheese sandwiches!?"
  • The Poor You Know
"Then, the global economic meltdown! Hope you liked "Slumdog Millionaire!" Because you're going to live it--minus the millionaire!"
  • Razz Singer
"And, my guest Peter Singer thinks the rich should sacrifice the poor! (looks off camera) Oh, sacrifice for the poor!? That's ridiculous!"

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Bernie Madoff, here's some advice: on the first day of jail, find the biggest guy in the yard and defraud him!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
March 12, 2009 The Colbert Report


  • Dr. Colbert doesn't blame His Mob, he has the same reaction when he looks in a full-length mirror
  • 2(x)ist briefs, his torso is a full-on attention whore
  • Schwarzenegger endorsed
  • Dr. Colbert endorsed a dehydrated energy drink (just add water)
  • foreign company selling clothes in Iran
    • Sean Matlaw
    • selling slackses of evil
  • Mahmoud Ahme-casualfriday-ejihad
    • Stephen is three inches taller
  • celebrating Persian New Year with a 20% off sale
    • Stephen doesn't like the commercialization of Norouz
      • sagacity in thy affairs
  • Stephen will turn the tables
  • non-consensual endorsement
    • Streit's brand matzo
      • Even I can't deny it's delicious
      • guaranteed to declare a fatwah on your hunger


America is doing better than:

  • Russia
    • ruble has lost 1/3 it's value
    • Open nesting dolls find Russians living inside
  • Putin met day of dissent with "day of releasing wolves into crowds"
  • Ethiopia
    • Starbucks will delay opening of
  • Zimbabwe
    • saddled with corruption, inflation, cholera epidemic
    • celebrated Mugabe's birthday
  • America is not an emerging marking
    • America is a submerging market
  • if America is a Third World country, Dr. Colbert will have to wear a gourd on his penis (again)
    • or liking soccer
  • won't feel bad about keeping UNICEF money he's collected
  • former chief economist for the IMF, Simon Johnson
  • America's economy was run by oligarchs
  • in times of crisis some oligarchs get more powerful
  • Dr. Colbert is offended that he compared America's economy to an emerging market

Crazy ShitEdit


Dr. Colbert does not approve

  • there is very little that can shock Dr. Colbert
    • he's seen it all

The Craziest F#?king Thing I've Ever Heard

  • National Geographic released a photo of a "barrel-eyed" fish
    • Dr. Colbert is all for sushi, but see-through-shi?


  • Peter Singer
    • it's an injustice that some feast while others starve; Dr. Colbert has never seen any starving people at his feasts
  • the poor don't want other poor
  • Singer is promoting
  • What is a Namibian shepherd going to do with Stephen's Audi A8L?
    • seats 6 sheep
  • talking about redistribution of wealth
  • generational wealth can't work if you're giving it away
  • Stephen always carries a very long, very expensive
    • can't ruin his shoes--they're alligator--which you'd think would be better in water
  • Stephen's shoes are in a lake
    • would Peter Singer get a baby wet tosave Stephen's shoes?
  • they fight over what Jesus said
    • Stepehen remembers him saying "I've got mine"
    • Singer remembers something about sewing
  • what's the least someone could do to seem like a good person?
    • 10%
  • who decides where Stephen's money goes?
    • will Singer get a portion of it?
  • Singer is the Bernie Madoff of poor people
    • claims Stephen is looking for excuses for not donating
  • Stephen reminds Singer that his $22 book could feed a few people


  • Dr. Colbert closes the GQ issue that had him on the cover and wished the Heroes good night


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