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February 10, 2009
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  • Grand Old Pity Party
"Tough times for the Republican Party! This sounds like a job for tax cuts!"
  • Shoutward Bound
"Plus, I give a Shout Out to a former employee! Which reminds me, I have a bunch of people to fire!"
  • Sea To Shining Me
"Then, my guest is Robert Ballard, an archeological oceanographer! Ooh, the rare Double Nerd!"

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Let's agree to disagree with anybody who disagrees with me!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
February 10, 2009 The Colbert Report

Visa's Black CardEdit

  • Dr. Colbert is outraged by something he saw
  • The End of White America
    • he is not overreacting
  • The new Visa Black Card
    • the Black Card is not for everyone!
  • judges not by the color of their skin
  • Visa is everywhere you want to be
    • unless that's at a Jimmy Buffett concert
  • one step forward, two steps back
    • another dance move Dr. Colbert can't do either because he's white
  • Judd Gregg didn't vote
    • would be a coin toss, if people still had coins


  • credit Obama's new charm offensive
    • terror
  • equivalent to everyone in Maine losing their jobs
    • where would we get deodorant that doesn't work
  • tax cuts
  • GOP must find a way to survive
  • Pete Sessions
    • fight Democrats, insurgency might be required
    • recommending the GOP not act like Al Qaeda, but the Taliban
  • GOP has in common with Taliban
    • poor record with women
    • invade Iraq
    • shadowy leaders who communicate through poor-quality videos
  • give GOP time to regroup
  • to win back the people's trust, the GOP must act like their enemies
    • look how successful it was for them; Obama took over their mess

Shout OutEdit

  • recognize the people who honor America; people who honor Stephen
  • Biology professor Eugene Robinson
    • biochemical effect of cocaine on bees
  • he sent Dr. Colbert a jar of uncut honey direct from his lab
    • pharmaceutical-grade hive-jive
  • Stephen asks the professor to test crystal meth on earthworms (?)
  • former Senator John Sununu
    • found counterterrorism calendar
  • Stephen racially profiles all his office supplies
  • commemorates every terrorist attack
    • except March 18
  • senseless attack of the day reminder
  • wants 2009 calendar from Jean Shaheen
    • calendar under Dems may be renamed "Hotties of the Persian Gulf"
  • Cesar, former employee
    • Tank Gunbolt (sp)
  • 84th Airborne Vampire Hunters
  • sent Stephen flag officially framed and dated January 19, 2009
    • last flag to fly over Afghanistan while Bush was president
  • Stephen sent him a gift basket Crabtree & Evelyn
    • even a soldier needs to feel pampered


  • Robert Ballard
  • renown oceanographer, talk about job security, there's going to be a lot more ocean
  • archeological oceanographer
  • interested in human history beneath the sea
    • hasn't found Atlantis yet
  • oceans cover 72% of the planet
  • better maps of Mars than the ocean
  • 1/2 of the U.S. is under water
  • U.S. owns 200 miles from the shore
  • including Hawaiian islands, etc
  • found the Titanic
  • most important thing he found was new life systems
  • giant worms
    • another creature lives inside them (symbiosis)
  • NASA's 1-year budget = NOAA's budget for 1,600+ years
  • lobsters are red because hell is down there
  • we are living on the tops of mountains
  • found ancient shipwrecks
    • in the Black Sea, everything is preserved
  • the next big goal under the ocean
    • go where no one has gone before on planet Earth


  • Dr. Colbert just figured out who The Heroes look like: me! If he was on a curvy-glassy thing!


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