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February 5, 2009
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  • Tangle And Cash
"What's in the stimulus package!? I'm guessing High Fructose Corn Syrup, because that stuff is in everything!"
  • Beyond a Reasonable Scout
"Then, I salute the Boy Scouts of America! In your face Boy Scouts of Elsewhere!"
  • Lehrer & Unbalanced
"And Jonah Lehrer is here to talk about the neuroscience of decision-making! I'll use my medulla oblongutta!"

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Don't put off for tomorrow what your team of personal assistants can do today!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
February 5, 2009 The Colbert Report

Another Member Of The FamilyEdit

  • Good to have Stephen with us
  • Took down the big-wigs
    • he was robbed of "Best Grandma" prize
      • Grandma Rosenstein won instead
  • UC Santa Cruz nerds named an elephant seal after him!
  • a hideous monster ate Dr. Colbert's seal!
    • worse than having the elephant man named after you
    • certain to have a great personality
  • Graduate students watch him mate
  • Stephen Col-George Clooney, the George Clooney
    • Stephen would watch that mate
  • put him on a treadmill
  • lift weights
  • nose job
  • Mark Wahlberg started out as a Narwhal
    • his real name was Mark Narwhalberg


  • Stimulus bill is larded up with more pork than Stephen's elephant seal
  • Susan Collins of Maine nailed what it really is
    • like a Christmas tree
    • more like a Gay Pride Ficus
  • Missouri Claire McCaskill
    • funded by Mixed Metaphor Funding Act
  • Specifics
    • being sold by Democrats
  • it's Fire Safety Week!
    • see you in the stairwell--wear something lose; that's fire code
  • Dems taking page from the GOP handbook
    • found under a loose floorboard next to a beating human heart
  • Dems scared Dr. Colbert
    • Stephen will meet Jesus at the Arby's
      • where they'll both be working
  • sex-ed for house cats
  • Cabinet level Secretary
  • fund National Endowment for the Arts
    • best argument from The West Wing
  • federal money they could have
    • 3-D glasses you could almost touch the sanctimony
  • why are libs larding up the bill
  • spend the money now
  • many programs in there that are not stimulus
  • never let a good crisis go to waste
  • some changes between Senate and House bill
    • raise the debt by $1 trillion
  • sell Yellowstone to the Canadians

Alpha DogEdit

  • lessons tie knots
  • Three leaves and shiny, keep away from the hiney
  • will learn about the good conservation of soil waters, etc.
  • for past 20 years Scouting Council has made money off destroying wilderness areas
  • hugging trees so tight they
  • hypocrisy badge
  • apocalypse badge
  • make fires without sticks
  • making the Scout sign and telling conservationists to read between the lines


  • Jonah Lehrer
  • book: "How We Decide"
  • wrote a book ab out neuroscience of decision-making, which is just a fancy way of saying rock, paper scissors
  • emotional brain: generates gut (truth)
  • rational brain: pre-frontal (fact)
  • the emotional side doesn't have to listen to you
  • humans love being certain
    • filter the world to confirm
    • not being certain is not comforting
  • preconceived notions
  • conservatives watch FOX
  • liberals watch MSNBC
  • shut-ins watch CNN
  • gut takes in more than we are aware of
  • gut is prescient
  • can we tailor our thoughts or can our thoughts tailor us
  • for Plato, he said: rational charioteers
    • today we say "elephants"
  • elephants can be hooked up to chariots
  • every time Dr. Colbert makes a rational decision he gets angry with himself
  • grocery shopping can be confusing
  • pure rationality is a disease
  • emotional brain has questions too
    • how dare you?
    • where do get off?
    • who are you looking at?


  • Dr. Colbert remember folks keep your friends close, and your enemies closer: start by hating yourself!
  • Have a great week end!


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