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January 27, 2009
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The Check-InEdit

  • Dr. Colbert shushes His Jewish Friend, whose volume may wake up Stephen's baby
    • The Report is his baby and was birthed through the hips of his brain


  • Grand Salaam
"President Obama appears on Arab TV! And it's not CSI: Abu Dhabi"
  • Air Apparent
"Then, a new study says clean air helps you live longer! Great! More time to smoke!"
  • Petit Argument
"And my guest Philippe Petit is a famous tight-rope walker! Or, he's just really bad at suicide!"

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America, here's my stimulus package! (takes off glasses) Hello, ladies! (women swoon)
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
January 27, 2009 The Colbert Report

Obama's KidnappingEdit

  • Dr. Colbert plans a question for his guest, french tightrope walker
  • Dr. Colbert is shocked (SHOCKED) by a tape he discovered in the tubes
  • Obama has been kidnapped by Muslim extremists (calling themselves "Al-Arabiya")
    • squiggly lines at the bottom of the screen
    • daffodils are fresh
  • they made him say many un-American things
  • maybe he is blinking pro-American slogans in code
    • Jimmy will send the tape to Navajos for interpretation

Cheating Death!Edit

  • cold and flu season
    • Robitussen may also be used to treat a cough!
  • Prescott: You're not just a patient, you're patient zero

Lung Health

    • study by Harvard, Brigam Young Univ.
      • not smoking adds 5 months to one's life
    • top cities: Pittsburgh & Buffalo
  • no particles will increase life indefinitely
  • Prescott: LifeBag
    • place over your head and cinch tightly
      • nitrogen and oxygen molecules
    • armpit homunculus
    • Verizon guy syndrome

Weight Loss

    • scientists in Louisiana
    • AD36
  • Prescott: Cosmo-Drine
    • shames viruses
  • Side Effects:
    • siamese nipples
    • hairswelling
    • involuntary blowhole

Corporate Health

    • legally like people, can get sick
  • doctors will no longer get pharmaceutical swag
  • merged R& D/marketing
  • Prescott: Vaxalax suppository pen
  • Side Effects
    • pucker lung
    • bone sporting
    • yellowstone national bladder
  • Prescott: "That's why you have 2 kidneys!™"

Caroline Kennedy Shocker!Edit

  • Kirsten Gillibrand (nee Kirsten Elizabeth Rutnik Gillibrand)
    • Hillary Clinton's replacement
    • youngest current Senator
  • a Gillibrand is a unit of measurement to commemorate her youngness (Dec 9, 1966)
  • Robert Byrd is 155 Gillibrands
  • Bill O'Reilly, Colbert Report Caroline Kennedy Correspondent, from last Thursday
    • it's huge
  • affair with New York Times' publisher Arthur Sulzburger
  • he doesn't report rumor; he simply doesn't do that
  • he cannot verify any relationship Kennedy has ever had
    • he cannot verify anything
  • it's been one huge mess since Obama has taken office
    • and it will get bigger


  • Philippe Petit
  • famous for crossing between tall buildings on a small rope
    • call Stephen when he does it on a loose rope
  • Dr. Colbert wishes him good luck to begin
  • he has to rearrange the table when he goes to restaurants
  • he is an artist on the wire
    • doesn't do somersaults
    • makes people believe they can do it too
  • pulled off perhaps the most awesome feat
    • not perhaps
  • he walked between the Twin Towers in 1974 for the chicks
  • Why try?
    • he has no choice
  • he has come from another planet
  • three oranges will be on his tombstone
    • he will not die and will not need a tombstone
  • Muhammad Ali told him he has balls
  • if Stephen has to explain what balls are, but then you wouldn't understand
  • he doesn't understand Stephen, but he loves the sound of his voice


  • Obama has been kidnapped by a group of Muslim terrorists calling themselves Al-Arabyia
    • this casts doubt on everything he has done so far
      • closing Gitmo
      • ending torture
  • Omar wants to know what that means for himself
    • comes to see the show after living under the C-Desk for three years
    • he insists that audiences miss what Stephen does with his ankles
  • Stephen's three wishes are:
    • talking hot dog
    • talking pizza
  • Omar says he's not a genie
    • even though Stephen set him free
    • Omar is grateful, not magical
  • Stephen wishes Omar had never left him
  • the Lesson: if you love something set it free from the secret prison under your desk
  • Omar will always be locked up indefinitely in Stephen's heart


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