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January 22, 2009
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  • As The World Yearns
"The world reacts to President Obama! And I yell back in Esperanto!"
  • Minority Report
"Then, I'll profile the head of the NAACP! But not racially!"
  • Jackson Five Minutes
"And, my guest Jon Meacham has a new book about Andrew Jackson! When is someone gonna write a book about Tito!?"

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Congratulations to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on its thirteen Oscar nominations! See!? Americans do support torture!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
January 21, 2009 The Colbert Report


  • Big news Caroline Kennedy has removed her name from consideration to fill Hillary Clinton's Senate seat
  • Dr. Colbert has been working on his Caroline Kennedy imitation for weeks
    • he consents to perform for The Heroes; it is magical
      • all that's missing is a wig and an enormous set of teeth

An Historic DayEdit

  • Obama and Roberts free-balled the oath
  • Stephen loves improv, suggesting they do it again as a Western or a SciFi
  • they do the oath again after everyone has left
  • Near-President Obama
  • Stephen swears on a Bible before brushing his teeth otherwise his teeth won't know if he's serious about tartar control
  • there is no formal name for what Obama and Roberts did
  • Ben Franklin's idea to call whoever is on camera (stage) gets to be President into the Constitutuion
  • these troubled times call for more vibrato

UnAmerican NewsEdit

  • Europe's Obimanya is similar to America's Obamania, except it's played through an alp horn
  • African inauguration ceremony's involve slaughtering the previous President
  • the Palestinians are already disappointed
    • by law they have to feel the opposite of whatever Israel feels
  • Iran put joy back under a burqa
  • the hand of Satan is where it's always been
    • Dick Cheney uses it to make wished
  • China censored parts of Obama's speech
    • Stephen also altered it to take out parts he doesn't like

Better Know A LobbyEdit

  • we entered a new era in Washington, Obama wants to reign in lobbyists
  • Sixth installment, Better Know A Lobby: NAACP, the Fightin' Coloreds!
  • ever since African-Americans were invented in the late 16th century, they've had to overcome great struggles
    • they have overcome slavery to become anything from educators to Starship Engineers
  • fought key civil rights battles
    • de-segregated schools
    • defeated David Duke in Louisiana
  • Benjamin Jealous
    • he is national president and chief executive officer of the NAACP
    • he is black
  • he has great timing and great judgment
  • wants a floor for how all people are treated
  • 100 anniversary on February 12th
  • is being stubborn about race and racism
  • when you do well, you reach back to pull forward
  • grab somebody and give them a reach around
    • and a leg up
  • he is satisfied that racism continues
  • by the end of the decade we may put a black man on the moon
  • why not just have everyone be white, then there's not racism
  • he doesn't dream big enough
    • like Dr. King
  • there's a chance that Stephen could be black!


  • named after an African animal
    • America's first black President
  • Jackson carried 2 bullets in him
    • could have taken Washington
  • used veto as a political weapons
  • populist
    • founded American populism
  • I am the direct representative of the American people
  • why Jackson now
    • without Jackson, there wouldn't have been a Lincoln
  • Jackson's regrets: shot Calhoun, hanged Henry Clay
  • Meacham bashes South Carolina
    • last time he bashed Stephen's church
  • Jackson's inaugural
    • people clogging on the table
    • lots of beer
    • a big wheel of cheese
    • White House became a frat house
  • Jackson had a solemn oath, sensible address
    • spiked punch was put on the lawn, people crawled out the windows to get it


  • Dr. Colbert reminds the kids that if they're playing at home, the secret word is:
    • "Refreshing Sierra Mist"
  • To be a winner, find the secret word at the grocery store and get your mom to buy all of it!


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