This page will contain information about how you can support The Colbert Report and The Colbert Report's Lead-in Jewish Program. Maybe the writers should realize that they have a job and should get to work. Are they starving?! Damn Socialists.


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Also, please keep informed by visiting United Hollywood everyday!

Send Pencils to Corporate LeadersEdit

Fans of strike-effected shows are asked to bombard the moguls with pencils to show how many viewers are not watching their shows due to the strike.

Please visit this page for all the details.


Apparently, the moguls refused the deliveries!

Food For ThoughtEdit

East Coast rally on November 27, 2007

For all the gory details, please click here.

More to follow

Suggested Ways To Support The WritersEdit


Buy Tek Jansen Comics instead!

  • boycott corporate web pages, support fan pages!
    • No Fact Zone!
      • if you're not sure whether a page you like to visit is corporate owned or not, view this chart and see if it's on there before the FCC changes how much they can own...
  • if you must have news, try these sources instead of the corporate pages:

What Passes For NewsEdit

Latest? (12-08-2007)Edit

According to The Huffington Post,

"...studios had proposed a flat $250 payment for a year's use of an hourlong TV show on the Web"


For one year!?

When the RIAA wants to fine people several thousand dollars for one song?

It seems the studios are trying to drag this out until they can get enough "reality" shows to fill next season when the actors' contract is set to expire...


...Not to say I told you so...[1]

Okay, fine ya studio bastards, not only will we boycott your corporate websites (visiting fan sites instead), but we won't buy your advertisers' stuff, we'll buy Tek Jansen Comics instead!

Think we won't? Studios, you've successfully stopped truthiness for now. Do you really think The Heroes are going to stand for this war crime?

And if you think that's all we got, you're in for a shock...more to come...


In an effort to be fair to the studio's side of the dispute, has created a page for the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Please visit it and edit any and all information you have about the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Thank you.


Variety is "reporting" (LOL) the late night shows may be back in January.

But, like any good propagandist, they don't actually have anyone specific to quote. Or any quotes for that matter.

Excerpts from their article sound like something written by

"...Nothing's been officially decided, and nobody will comment..."
"...There's some talk ..."
"...Latenight insiders, however, believe..."

Come on guys. No one is going to fall for that old ploy! Slapping something together at the last minute, late Friday night, with no quotes and no names!?

Where did you go to journalism school? FOX?

Just so there is no ambiguity: the strike is not over. The AMPTP walked out after rejecting offers from WGA and have no intention of good faith negotiations.

Oh, some people told me that.


According to the media against whom the writers are striking, 2 NBC late night shows will come back on the air starting January 2, 2008 despite the strike.

Some people are saying they will mock their corporate owners just as Johnny Carson did during the 1988 strike. cannot wait to experience Jay Leno's return to comedy.


Okay, I am posting this retroactively. It was announced that Dr. Colbert and his Jewish friend will be returning January 7, 2007.

So, the count is all late night NBC shows are back, with Carson Daly caving first. Followed by Leno and O'Brien. For returning first, Daly returned was rewarded with the New Year's gig for NBC.

But, let it be known, the strike is not over.


Today is Festivus and still no end in sight, which is my grievance that I am airing.


David Letterman is coming back with his writers after making a deal directly with the guild.

Idea for Strike Protest Edit

Burn copies of Televison Show seasons.



A giant Golden Globe award, for larger than normal sized egos!


Writers in front of "The Colbert Report" studios

First post of the new year due to hippie illness!

Okay, apparently the Golden Globes are negotiating with NBC to cancel the televised portion of the awards ceremony[2] whatever that means and threats to exhume Dick Clark to host the event if the "regular" stars won't cross the picket line like Jay Leno and the other scabs.

More to follow...

DVD Update?Edit

It seems that DVD sales are down for the very first time in their history. We here at would like to credit the fans who supported the writers by boycotting DVDs until the writers get their fair share.

Prove me wrong.

Globes UpdateEdit

Apparently, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (the Golden Globes people) will hold a press conference instead of the regular show, like they do with the red carpet &etc. I hope Joan Rivers gets a press pass and heckles everyone's clothes.

I guess this means they won't have to exhume Dick Clark.


This is probably old news, but I just heard about it: writers for soap operas are crossing the picket lines!


Come on people! If you are a fan of these types of shows (I am not) then you have to boycott them or something until they get their heads out of their asses.

Crossing a picket line? Maybe they have amnesia or some rare yet stupid disease common to soap operas? Don't know, but I feel some kind of sanction is in order.

Awards ShowsEdit

Apparently the actors supporting the striking writers are really cramping awards season! LOL!!

Well, at least actors are good for something!

It seems enough actors boycotting the "People's Choice Awards" really made the televised ceremony stink and now word is the "press conference" that will be the Golden Globe awards is expected to smell as sweet.


And now everyone is panicking about the upcoming Oscars!


Come on studios and producers! Treat the writers fairly!


$cientology's movie studio, United Artists[3], has made an agreement with the WGA.

The Weinstein Company has also reached an agreement with the Guild.[4].

Come on studios get off your asses. You know you can't live without the Oscars telecast. Come on...


Sorry, I haven't updated lately, but news today about the deal the DGA (Directors' Guild) made with the studios, which, according to the LA Times:

"negotiated an improved deal than what studios had initially offered writers, including higher royalties for online sales of their movies and TV shows."

Let's hope this is not a preliminary report and we find out later that the writers got screwed. For now, thank you directors!


According to a story in the Los Angeles Times (from a few days ago--hey, I know I'm behind...):

"20th Century Fox Television, CBS Paramount Network Television, NBC Universal and Warner Bros. Television each confirmed that they terminated development and production agreements."[5]

Sixty-five such "deals" were "eliminated" and more are threatened in February.

Of course this isn't the first sign of belt-tightening for the anti-creators side: NBC had to refund advertisers back in December, but somehow the media seemed to have skimmed over that story...



The writers have relented on two demands:

  • unionizing writers working on
    • so-called "reality" shows
    • animated shows

Just as sitcom season and the Oscars are coming and the writers have all the power, they blink.

Bad move, guys. You could have gotten everything if you just held out.

February 2, 2008Edit

Please note: this is not some kind of weird Bill Murray-Groundhog Day thing, where you think you're reliving the same boring day over and over...producers and writers may have "found" an agreement to end this strike.

It's about fucking time.

February 7, 2008Edit

Okay, so this is old, but I'm sick and sick and tired of this strike. Here is something from the LA Times about the "contract that may salvage next season and the Oscar's™.

Looks like it is what everyone said it was going to be.

Studio bastards.

February 12, 2008Edit

The AP announced that the writers voted to approve the contract, ending the strike.


According to the Times (and [6]):

What they got:

  • A fixed residual payment of $1,200 a year for one-hour shows streamed online during the first two years of the contract. In the third year, a residual payment equal to 2% of the revenue received by the program's distributor.
  • Jurisdiction over shows that are created for the Web.
  • Doubling of the residual rate for movies and TV shows sold online.
  • A 3.5% annual increase in basic minimum pay for film and TV scripts.

What they didn't get:

  • No jurisdiction over reality TV and feature animation.
  • No increase in DVD residual rates.
  • A shorter window during which studios can stream shows online before paying writers.

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