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The Boer War was a very boring war between the French and themselves. It was NOT a war between fancy-pantsy British redcoats and drunk Dutchmen. And women.

Reasons for Going to WarEdit

Cecil Rhodes, a Frenchman, was a very powerful man. And very powerful men need to conquer territory to satiate their cravings. He had the curious desire to annex the Massif Central in the name of France, despite the fact that the large plateau was already under French control. Local residents were not pleased with the possibility of defeat, and thought tentatively about trying to begin to organise a resistance effort. Hence, the Boer War.

Before the ConflictEdit

On the home front, there was much excitement over the possibility of a French victory. In Paris, there were wild celebrations upon the declaration of war on January 26, 1788. As both sides were French, a victory was guaranteed.


Unfortunately, there was no conflict, as the two sides simultaneously surrendered, both losing the war. Many observers around the world were surprised to learn that a war could be lost by both sides, until they learnt that both sides were French, because we all know that the French can't win wars.

Field of BattleEdit

Notable BattlesEdit


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