The Blitzkrieg On Grinchitude was announced by Dr. Stephen Colbert on his November 6, 2006 broadcast of the Colbert Report where he wished for a Christmas execution of recently convicted war criminal Saddam Hussein.

It was made clear that only devil worshiping atheist liberals with their War on Christmas agenda would delay Saddam's execution until the spring of 2007. That a Christian nation can destroy a Muslim nation, and then hang their deposed leader on the most holy of Christian holidays just before pulling out troops would be a tribute to the power of Jesus indeed.

The Children's WarEdit


They are never too young to learn to hate the Grinch or former CIA backed dictators turned sour

To reach out to the children of America, Dr. Colbert took a page from developmental psychologist Dr. James Dobson and likened Saddam to a children's literature villain, The Grinch. String him up by the neck from the Christmas tree, urged Dr. Colbert.

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