The Besnard Lakes
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.

The Besnard Lakes is widely believed to be the new name for the British psychedelic prog-rock outfit Pink Floyd, believed to have been dissolved after their hasty 1998 "farewell album", The Dragon at the Door of Good Night. Unfortunately, because nobody remembers that album at all, the band decided that they had to get back together and end their career of warping people's brains with music properly.

All of the old members of Pink Floyd reunited under the new moniker "The Besnard Lakes". It is believed that guitarist and co-vocalist David Gilmour took the alias Jace Lasek, while bassist and co-vocalist Roger Waters underwent a sex change and renamed herself Olga Goreas. The other two members of the band did not bother to adopt new false names, as nobody remembers who they are anyway. Pink Floyd himself died of a stroke after hearing a particularly tripped-out demo from the session recordings for The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse, which was released in February 2007 and proceeded to claim at least fifty-five more lives.

The new location of The Besnard Lakes? Canada, of course. England refused to accommodate the disguised musicians any longer because Waters urinated in the Queen's tea back in 1999, so The Besnard Lakes fled to Montreal.

They are rumored to be working on a joint production with fellow Canadian pretentious prog-rock band Rush, the working title of which has been reported to be The Besnard Lakes Are the Starman at the Threshold of the Solar Federation on the Dark Side of the Moving Wall Under Pressure. The Decemberists, Jethro Tull, and Primus may or may not be involved.

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