The Baby Muhammed
is a Religious Baby (and it's nap time!)
God Touching Adam
"The Baby Muhammed"
you have been touched in a very special way.

The Baby Muhammed, with his face obscured so we don't hear about it when he grows up.

The Baby Muhammed is the hero of all baby terrorists. He goes to the same nursery school as The Baby Jesus and The Baby Moses, but since he refuses to play nicely with the other religious babies, he is detained in a high-security holding cell / play activity center for his own protection.

Noted Incidents of Naughtiness from The Baby MuhammedEdit

  • Refusal to eat "Mixed Cereal with Apples & Pork" baby food
  • Insistence that he is the last messenger and prophet of Allah, followed up with taunts of "Eat It!" directed toward The Baby Jesus and The Baby Moses
  • Making The Baby Shakti cry with threats of stoning unless she starts dressing less whorishly

See AlsoEdit

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The Baby Muhammed
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!
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Mahmoud Ahmedi-The Baby Muhammed-nejad is a terrorist.

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