The Baby Ganesh
is a Religious Baby (and it's nap time!)

This little guy will grow up to be the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles - all he has to do is believe in himself!

The Baby Ganesh is one of most important of the thousands of sacred babies worshiped in the Hindu religion. The Baby Ganesh is supposed to bring intelligence, wisdom, wealth, and humility to those who worship him. Of course, you can get all those things from The Baby Jesus, too, and he is much more adorable.

The Baby Ganesh is a little elephant whose best friend is a mouse. The Baby Ganesh grew up with a slightly off-balanced parent, her mother Parvati, who would fly into a rage if anything or anyone made nasty comments about her odd-looking child. Kind of like Suri and Tom Cruise.


  • Can fly via his huge ears.
  • Has a little pot belly from eating too many obstacles.
  • Likes flowers, but not in a gay way.


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