The Axis of Lesbians is heretical
and makes The Baby Jesus jealous!
May it rot in the fires of his judgement!
It's too late to pray for The Axis of Lesbians!
The Axis of Lesbians is doomed!

We swear allegiance to Valerie Solanas and shall purge this earth of disgusting male pigs!!

The Axis of Lesbians is an evil lesbian girl-loving organization made up of women, by women, for women who wants to conquer the world and kill all of the men[1] on the planet.

The AxisEdit


This information came from the Internets
so it has to be real

  • Hotmosexuals: The First of the Axis of Lesbians established their Headquarters on the Island of Lesbos. They are the oldest order of power lesbians.
  • Yuri: Based on Japan, we suspect 90% of the female population in Japan are actually members of a Yuri Sleeper Cell just waiting for orders.
  • Lesbian: Lesbians are everywhere in the North American Continent, but we do not know where their secret base is located. Some say they are located in Canada, others say in Mexico, we suspect San Francisco but that would be too obvious. All we know is that they have reached America's shores and it is only a matter of time before they conquer us all!

World Womanization ProjectEdit

  • Plan A: Kill all men
  • Plan B: Cut off The Penis[2]

The WordEdit

  1. that includes you, gay men!
  2. suddenly Plan A doesnt sound that bad

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The Axis of Lesbians
Is of her father the Devil!

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