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The Alaskan Independence Party
is an American Political Party.

The Alaskan Independence Party is a political party that supports the very most important ideal of America and Americans everywhere: independence!


Soon after a precious commodity was discovered in Alaska Real Patriots™ designed a plan to provide for Alaska's market and keep the profits in Alaska for Alaskans!

But predatory outsiders tried to sweep in and take everything including Alaska's independence!

Soon, a grassroots organization sprung up overnight giving hope to the many Alaskans dependent on that precious commodity for independence and for keeping her market free.



Mr. Joe Vogler's official AIP identification card

A true Alaskan, Joe Vogler, stepped up to the plate when he saw the assault on Alaska's independence! He gathered with his fellow patriots and created The Alaskan Independence Party to address their concerns.

Mission StatementEdit

The Alaskan Independence Party's key goal is to protect Alaska's independence!

That's all they want to do.

Nothing more.

Famous MembersEdit

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