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Hello, Kitty
Hello, Thailand
Asian and very good at math.
600px-Flag of Thailand.svg
Capitol: Bangkok...hehehe...Bangkok
Official Flower: They've got lots of flowers - that are always open - if you know what I mean
Official Language: American, like everywhere else in the world
Official Bird: The Asian Bird, you know...that one.
Motto: Who needs a motto!
Common Name: Samultalpickeautledreaulteripeutleallulentchachacha
Regent: Rod Blagojevich
Official Anthem: "What Can Thailand Do For America Today" by Waht "Ass Kisser" Suckamynutslut
Population: 66 million (I told you they're always open)
Principal imports: American Culture
Principal exports: Rice and Maids who sucky sucky five dolla!
Principal industries: Neck Tie (Thai) Industry
Fun Fact # 1: Thais are Pagans, but they put up Christmas trees in, close enough.
Fun Fact # 2: There are a large amount of street cats, so you could literally drown in a sea of pussy.

Thais believe Christmas to be a celebration of the crucifixtion of Santa Claus by his Dwarves. They are all going to Hell.

It is also the only tourist destination apart from the evil Castro's Cuba to have a huge gender disparity in the number of visitors, with significantly more liberal men visiting annually. Sources referred to Bangkok Chickboys and a trick involving ping-pong balls, but being a good conservative, this reporter wouldn't know about such things.

Keith Olbermann's mother is 23.2% Thai - that makes Keith and Rachel Maddow's love child 11.234% Thai. Basically, we can conclude that Olbermann's spawn will never be eligible to become President of the United States. Liberal Socialist 0: Real Americans 1! Hell Yeah!


Thailand was founded by the Asian dude in "the nine kings of mankind" from middle earth (watch Lord of the Rings for more info).

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