Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Teddy Bears-nejad is a terrorist.

It also corrupts our young into becoming 'bear-lovers'

Teddy Bears are toys designed to give children a false sense of security around the godless killing machines. This simply makes the children easy prey for hungry bears when the time of hunger or lust comes.

Named after a hippie Whig, teddy bears were created after America's original illegal immigrants, the communists, infiltrated our once great land. They found that by using the toy animals, they could get impressionable young Americans to swallow all their commie lies.

Teddy Bears come in many shapes, sizes and colors, are often treated with lead and never wear clothes.

What Not To Name Your Stuffed Godless Killing Machine And The Religion It OffendsEdit

  • Mohammed - Mooslims
  • Donnie and/or Marie - Mormons
  • Tipper - global warming nuts
  • Vince - Hillary-worshipers
  • Britney - Amish
  • Pope Benedict - Catholic

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