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Dead bear
Ted Nugent
is a member of the Bear Hunters of America.
Be Scared, Bears.
Ted Nugent
Is an Enemy of Satan and a Pinnacle of Freedom
When Satan sees Ted Nugent, he is scared
and reduced to a whining baby who craps his diaper.
Ted Nugent
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Ted Nugent agrees with Rush,
Halfrican-Americans must declare their Whiteness!
Despite what you may have heard
Ted Nugent
Is totally not racist!

Ted Nugent, just try it buddy! He'll file your ass under kicked!

Good ol' Sweaty Teddy, Classic Rocker, Lyrical Genius, ENEMY OF BEARS EVERYWHERE! Why anyone would ever dare to assault Ted Nugent is a question which will be answered, by Nugent himself, if anyone could ever be so stupid as to try to ask him. Uncle Teddy, who received said name in honor from The Greatest President's twin daughters, has been leading a secret rebellion against Bears since Jumpstreet. Sure, people know that Ted is the best guitarist alive or dead. Sure, we know that he has done more to curb the use of drugs, Satanic lyrics, and addictive sex practices to trillions of rabid and uncivalized music fans the world over than anyone, but did you know Ted owns a gun? He packs the heat because he knows that Bears are out to subvert our youth and murder our women.

Yes he is a hunter, and there is nothing wrong with that. God bless Ted Nugent, who's only real personal drawback is that he is known to practice restraint in the face of all those Camera wielding wanna be Japanese tourist papparazzi poop-heeled Commies. In 1983 Ted Nugent defeated karate star Chuck Norris in a bare knuckle fight in Hong Kong.

If you come across uncle Ted, please convey to him the grateful thanks of a nation faced with Bear overpopulation.


Ted Nugent with what? Thats Right, a freshly killed Bear

Reasons why you may not like "The Nuge"Edit

  • You hate America and refuse to stand against the rising tide of Bear uprisings.
  • You do trust who play the guitar badly like Bob Dylan or Kurt Cobain.
  • You have always been friends with Fred Bear
  • You're a Communist.
  • You love Michael Moore so much, you'd sleep with him.
  • You are secretly gay and covet Ted's man sweat.
  • You condone the use of diplomacy against Godless Killing Machines.
  • You do not like tasty nougat candy bars, or our troops.
  • You are the gay kid standing outside of the window right now with the crappy facial hair who looks like he's mildly retarded.
  • You eat fecal matter regularly.
  • You like making baskets.
  • You watched the View and were oddly aroused by Rosie O'Donnell
  • You steal Picanic baskets because you are Yogi Bear and are afraid of death at the hands of the Nuge, Colbert's right hand.


Life long hunting partner of Ted's, Rob Reiner takes down a Monster of a Baby-Eater

Contributions to American CultureEdit

  • Wango Tango, a song which subliminally put a start to the Great Southern Bearkill aka Bearocaust.
  • Sweat! Where would we be without Ted's bodily excretions?
  • Wholesome values. Ted believes as we all do in no sex before marriage.
  • Rock and Roll. Little Richard claims to have started this movement, but everyone knows that it was nothing before Ted. Little Richard is stupid.
  • Removing countless Bears
  • Being part of the Bear Hunters of America
  • Founded the NRA with Jesus, Captian America and That Guy from Ben-Hur
  • wanted to share his 2nd commandment rights with certain other Americans[1]

20040419mf nugent nraPJ 450

Uncle Teddy, at a NRA meeting with what makes America great, God, Guns and Guitars

See AlsoEdit

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Hey Ma!
Pack your banjo and chewin' t'backer, we fixin' to enjoy us some
Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent
is a Truthiness Crusader!

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