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makes The Baby Jesus sad.
Does your mother know you read these filthy liberal myths?

Seriously, what good has taxes ever done for us anyway???


Taxes hurt industries that are only trying to help America defeat the terrorists.

Taxes (satanic noun)

  1. what Satan insists you pay for your soul
  2. the money the government takes from you to pay for abortions and gay marriage

Origin & HistoryEdit

The Truth About the Economy02:38

The Truth About the Economy

Lies about taxes

Taxation is a form of regulation on the money Americans make and want to keep for themselves.

Throughout history, Americans have wisely decided how they would spend the money they worked hard for. Whatever money that is not shackled by the slavery that is taxation can be spent to keep the economy booming and the free market free. However, libruls are always trying to get Real Americans to pay for the crap they want to force everyone else to pay for even no one but them really wants it.

Take for instance socialism. Libruls are always trying to sneak socialism (and it's congenital twin Sharia Law) into America's government. And they do this with taxes.

No where in the Constitution does it mention taxes. No where. Yet, libruls are always stealing money from hard-working Americans and calling it a "tax". That is why they're always against Tax Cuts. Tax cuts returns the money to the patriotic families so they can save their grandmothers from Death Panels that which was stolen by Secret Muslims.

Taxes are also another way to hurt the faithful.

Think about it. When the insurance company investigates whether to pay out a claim, they first try to find out if God was involved. If the event was an "Act of God", then everything's cool. But, the way the libruls want to change the world, there would be no recognition of God, nor His Acts.

Get this: libruls actually want to use taxes to assist anyone (even heathens) after An Act Of God. Some of them actually try to prepare for the consequences of His Merciful Providence.

God Works in Mysterious Ways. It's high time libruls accept this fact and move on. Or, better yet, move away.

Excuses For Taking Money From Hard-working AmericansEdit


This chart shows how many people will be hurt by Obama's tax scam.


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The Libural MythEdit

Who Supports Them, Who Supports AmericaEdit

Groups Who Support Paying TaxesEdit

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Reasonable People Who Know We Deserve To Spend Our Money As We ChooseEdit

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Free Market TaxesEdit

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Victims of too much taxation.

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