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is a tool Patriots use to battle America's enemies
God Bless America

An insolent student feels the wrath of Taser!

The taser is a personal defense weapon which sends a strong charge of electricity into an attacker. It's a great alternative for timid women and small children who can't use a gun. Ideal targets of the taser include thugs, deviants, chatty University of Florida students, and any passing liberal who is attacking America's dignity.

Additional good targets include in-laws, wandering husbands, and chatty liberals.

The Taser has been maligned by law-breakers as a dangerous weapon. How can anything that shoots less than a .45 round be dangerous?

Quote open clear3 Don't taze me bro! Don't taze me! Quote close clear2
~Taser Guy
University of Florida

Criminals Stopped with TasersEdit

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