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Tape (noun)

1. a thin strip of material used to adhere one object to another.

There are many types of tape, designed for many types of uses.
a. medical tape - made of a cloth-like material: used for keeping an old bandage over an open wound, or to cover needle tracks.
b. masking tape - made of the cheapest cloth-plastic hybrid: used for making painting jobs that much harder.
c. duck tape - made from platic or some cloth-plastic hybrid: used for adhering one duck to another; or for the fixing of a lame duck's wing.
d. plumbers' tape - made of metal: used by plumbers to kleep pipes from schwinging off a wall or for keeping the water heater from flying out of the roof.
e. the most common tape, invisible (or "scotch") tape, comes in two varieties:

1. single-sided, a True American™ tape, Champion of the American Free Market and
2. Double-Stick Tape, the tape of terrorists.

Other types of tape:

  1. video tape
  2. tape worms

is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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