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Today, 4th of June we celebrate the 20th anniversary of one little Chinese guy who grew giant balls of Democracy in the Reddest Communist State in the world.

How it happenedEdit

  • Hong Kong, 1989, 4th of June. Stephen had volunteered to sparring with Chuck Norris,
    • amongst the flying feet and fist a single drop of sweat was flung out and was roundhouse kicked all the way to Bejing's Tiananmen Square.

where an unknown, run of the mill, squashed flat by the Communist State guy was struck by it.

His bone-dry spirit, crushed by the State, was awakened, revived and strengthed like a desert after a once in a 100 year rainstorm. The ideas of Freedom and Liberty coursed it their way thorugh his scrawy body before coming to rest in his enlarged balls.

You have see pictures of him carrying a pair of shopping bags, they were carrying his balls, one per bag.

He attacked a column of Red China Army Tanks with nothing but his balls in his hands and stop them dead in their tracks.

But his balls where filled with Freedom and Liberty.

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