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"Talking Urinal Cakes"
discusses one of the Liberal's Magical Machines.

Early primitive model, later discarded as "flawed."

Talking Urinal Cakes, like the WhizMark Interactive Urinal Communicator invented by HealthQuest Technologies.

An invention created to supplement cinnamon-scented mute-urinal cakes and designed to replace inadvertently peeing on your friends as a measure of whether or not you should drive after drinking. The WhizMark and devices like it nag visitors to the urinal not to drink and drive.

However, there are draw-backs: the voice used by the cakes is female and may cause anxiety or feelings of inadequacy in the pee-er. In addition, the voice sounds like the same one used for the "Chatty Cathy" dolls, which make urinal guests feel they are peeing on Rosie the robot maid.

Sample MessagesEdit

  • "Hi handsome!"
  • "Let me get my tweezers and a microscope so I can see it."
  • "Senator, the stalls are behind you."
  • "Mmmm... I love it when I get R-Kelleyed!"

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