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Talking Points are mnemonic aids used by people to help overcome the nervousness or forgetfulness associated with public speaking.

Speakers write the "talking points" onto index cards. These cards replace the pages on which the entire speech is normally written. Using index cards removes the burden of trying to read the smaller words printed on papers. Also, using index cards helps prevent losing your place while reading the full speech, word-by-word. Speakers must engage their audience; using index cards instead of paper, a speaker is less likely to lose their place while fully engaging their audience.

Liberals Abuse A Benign Language ToolEdit

Liberals hate America. You can hear it in their words. To hear it for yourself, watch a cable news show, where there are usually several liberals, but few (if any) normal Americans.


Liberals have "talking points" they use in every instance. Below is a short list, discovered by researchers at Patrick Henry College.

  1. universal healthcare
  2. efficient government
  3. no taxation without representation
  4. election financing needs accountability

How Real Patriots Talk Edit

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