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"Where In The World And Where In Time Is Stephen Colbert Going To Be In The Persian Gulf?"
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Dr. Colbert announced that he will be bringing "The Colbert Report" to the Middle East, but was not permitted to disclose this sensitive information.

Please argue for and/or against the country you'd like to see Dr. Colbert visit.


Help unshroud the mystery!


  • con see Iraq below
  • pro only country listed actually adjacent to the Persian Gulf



  • con are you kidding?


con I thought Kuwait was IN iraq?


  • con this sounds way too gay for Dr. Colbert to visit
  • pro you can see Iran from here!


  • con there is no way this is the name of a real country

United Arab EmiratesEdit

  • pro they have the same policies regarding torture as Dick Cheney
  • pro They could name the next new island they create in the Gulf after Stephen. Who wouldn't want a luxury condo on the island of Colbertopolis?
  • pro The A-Rabs need to have the Gospel of Stephen returned to them

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