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china economic powerhouse

militarilly technologically

next year in 2008 feb 7

in 2009, jan 26

will be ahead of us

who will tell christy brinkley norris was killed by china


suv weapons coloful headgear

dead deer singing low rider, sweet home alabama


making our cheap crap for years, now making good crap

200 b tradee deficite w/china

blew up satellite

infinite void os space is not big enough

coal consumotipn


tx cannot do it alone, must exec reatarded

elec consumptions

co2 emmissions


china is trouble

colbert report special report

apocalyspe mao

murdered by the orient success

what is us relationship to china???


food with entire feet in it

outsourcing to china is good for us

mexicans will go to china

chinese do not eat tiger dong smoke tigerdong

why play checkers with marbles


one child policy forgotten love

video bootlegging?

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