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Dead bear
Sylvester Stallone
is a member of the Bear Hunters of America.
Be Scared, Bears.
Beer gut


Sylvester Stallone, a.k.a. Rocky, a.k.a. Rambo, is one of America's founding fathers. He, like America, is the ultimate underdog. As an underdog, "Rocky", defeated the evil, liberal, African-American Apollo in the second World War, which some may refer to as Rocky 2.

Rocky again defeated an evil, liberal communist known as Ivan Drago from the former Soviet Union almost ten years later.

While he responds to Rocky, Stallone's closest friends refer to him as Johnny Rambo. The nickname "Rambo" was derived from his rambunctious behavior.

Vietnam WarEdit

Rambo first helped vindicate Vietnam veterans by killing several liberal policemen who were against the Vietnam War. He then killed many Vietnamese (long after the Vietnam War was over) while rescuing some of America's POW's. Rambo didn't stop there. He proceeded to free the people of Afghanastan. He, along with his friend Colonel John Troutman, once again defeated the evil, liberal Soviet Union and freed the people of Afghanastan all by themselves. (These people of Afghanastan later attacked the United States World Trade Centers.)


Stallone has since faded into obscurity. Whether he doesn't want a job, or no one will offer him one has not yet been determined. One thing is for sure, Stallone is one of the greatest Americans that the world has ever known.

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