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Susan Jacoby
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

Susan Jacoby is a chick who writes books presumably about girl things, like gossip. Her latest book, The Age of American Unreason most certainly has to be about that time of the month.

    • who says Americans are anti-intellectuals, Stephen will ask her what that means
  • book The Age of American Unreason
    • vaguely sounds like an insult
  • 2/3 of American under 25 cannot find Iraq on a map with all the countries labeled
    • can easily find it, once they sign up
  • don't know what DNA is
  • half Americans can name the 4 gospels
    • Matthew, Mark, Zeppo, Harpo
  • one can know Adam and Eve without having read Genesis
  • says "elitist" is a stupid word
    • her whole book is elitist
  • TV is not to blame for the problem
    • average American watches 7 hours a day
    • if we pay for cable and are not watching it 24 hours a day, we are throwing money away
  • half Americans did not read a book in 2007
    • Stephen doesn't care if people read his book, as long as they bought it
  • accused Stephen of being an elitist
  • junk thought
    • only want to know what they want to know
    • stolen truthiness, who owes Stephen a residual

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