Attention: "Supreme Judiexeculative Branch" contains classified information.
Only authorized personnel with the proper clearances can view "Supreme Judiexeculative Branch"

Supreme Judiexeculative Branch
is part of the United States Federal Government.
Don't ask; asking only helps the terrorists.


The Supreme Judixeculative (pronunciation: judy exec you lay tive) Branch is a separate but equal distinct branch of America's federal government, that is simultaneously a part of the judicial, executive and legislative branches while not a part of any.

Only one man is able to make any sense of this confusion, and hold the office without really being the office.

And that man is Dick Cheney

Not that you should know, but if you love America, you already know without being told.

The man who holds this office is chosen not by man, but by God. The office itself is the most efficient part of the Continuity of Government programs.

Please click here to read the full text of the Oath of Office for the Supreme Judiexeculative Branch overlord.

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