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Super soldiers are specially enhanced all American men given special narcotics from Prescott Pharmaceutical. The medicine used id called Colbertium and was invented by Dr. Stephen T. Colbert D.F.A. and is manufactured once a year

Colbertium Edit

Created by Dr. Stephen Colbert in the 1960's when he was 4 years old. It was approved by the government in 1975. Colbertium is a small tablet that is colored exactly like the American flag, the pill is split in half and the stars are a suppository and the stripes are orally ingested.


being bad ass

metal appendages

a strong sense of liberty

testicular shrinkage

a feeling of Colbert

horse spleen kidneys

Super soldiers Edit

here are a few who successfully became super soldiers


Stephen Colbert

Chuck Norris

every ninja ever to be born in America

anyone who drinks mountain dew in large amounts (sweet deal)

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