Sumner Redstone
is a Great American and deserves your adoration!
America loves you, Sumner Redstone

Crypt keeperSR

Visual representation of Mr.Redstone for that he never leaves his crypt for a photo op.

Sumner Redstone (Possibly in early spring 297 B.C. - present) is the owner of Viacom and best known for his role in Tales From The Crypt.


Following a cross hair incident with Merlin, Redstone became immortal, but still look hideously scared. Despite this, Redstone was able to court Rea Perlman for several millions of years until she met dwarf king Danny DeVito. Mr. Redstone still doesn't like to talk about his relationship with Perlman.


Is worth 38x. Stephen tried to out buy Viacom from him, but didn't win in the Mega Millions Lottery.Episode #223


  • If he gets close enough, he can suck out your life force.

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