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"Summer Camp"
is for the kids!

Summer camp is a place where parents who have so little regard for their own offspring they don't raise them Christian. Or, the kid has no parents because daddy left mommy when she became a crack whore. In other words, summer camp is a secular Christian Boot Camp but without Christ, without the true love that can only be found through firm discipline and without counselors who have your afterlife and best interests in this life in mind.

Types of Summer CampEdit

Summer camps vary by specialty and by the amount of time a kid is abandoned there.

Fat CampEdit

Activities At Summer CampEdit

Exploring The Great OutdoorsEdit


Writing Letters HomeEdit


Learning Your Way Around CampEdit

The CabinsEdit

The Mess HallEdit

Toilet Facilities, Official and UnofficialEdit

Summer Camp FolkloreEdit

Ghost StoriesEdit



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List of Summer CampsEdit

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