Strait of Hormuz

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Despite what you may have heard
Strait of Hormuz
Is totally not gay!

There's nothing straight about it. The Strait of Hormuz is where sodomites and muslims conspire with fascists to support terrorists. Contrary to Iran's lies, it has absolutely no importance to oil. Rush Limbaugh, in an exclusive report, has confirmed oil is a cover for Iran's gay party-boat culture.


  • January, 2008, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad sent homo-operatives into the Straights of Hormuz to try and undermine their good, clean, Christian values. America's Navy intervened, keeping the group pure.
  • November 2008 - Iran celebrates the Hussein Obama's election by breaking barrels of oil on 2 new ships and a new submarine.
  • March 2009 - Operation Straighten Hormuz begins. Navy commences nuclear cleansing of homos on gay cruisers.


Between Dubai and Iran.

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The Straights of Hormuz is a social club for heterosexuals living in the Middle East. Don't be confused by wordinistas trying to spell you into the Strait.

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