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Stockholm Syndrome
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Stockholm Syndrome is a controversial "condition" that affects only women of the Swedish persuasion. Men are not affected at all by either definition of Stockholm Syndrome, traditional or liberal. So, when you hear the liberal medias say that a boy who is captured by a child molester and use the term "Stockholm Syndrome" they are wrong, they are lying, and you should read your Bible at them as loudly as you can until they shut up.



The traditional definition for Stockholm Syndrome is used to describe the symptoms that Swedish women exhibit upon moving to their capitol city, Stockholm.

The symptoms are:

  • instantaneous bleaching of the hair (drapes and carpet)
  • sudden onset of "legginess"
  • continuous craving for meatballs
  • tolerance for cold

Liberal LiesEdit is in no position to promote the liberal agenda, but, we are here to provide weapons to defeat the godless sodomites.

So, as a public service, and only as a public service, posts the liberal definition of Stockholm Syndrome:

The psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor

It really isn't that important, so if you can't read it or see it, that's okay; your Bible contains answers to all life's questions and won't lie to you.

What Stockholm Syndrome Is NotEdit

"Stockholm Syndrome" is not an excuse for your not having tried hard enough. If God decides to place you in a situation where you are being kidnapped, molested, or abused, it is your responsibility to escape.

If your faith in God is strong enough and pure enough, you will be able to extricate yourself from this common Biblical Test.

However, if your faith in God is weak, and filthy, you must like what's being done to you, you must feel it is more fun with your new parents and obviously want more.

Regardless of your age, gender, size, strength, etc., if you don't try hard enough to escape, it means that you must have been asking for whatever you got.

As the person with the least power in this situation, it is your responsibility to constantly be searching for an opportunity to overpower your so-called "captor," or at least to try to run away (or ride your bike away, provided you have a bike).

To do anything less must mean that you have in some way come to "bond," "identify" or "sympathize" with your captor. Also, if the "victim" in question is a kid, you probably hate school. "Stockholm Syndrome" is no excuse for that, either.

More information on the liberal media's disinformation campaign on "Stockholm Syndrome" can be obtained here and here.

Myths About Stockholm SyndromeEdit

Contrary to popular belief, Stockholm Syndrome can not be contracted in these ways:

  • Eating Swedish fish
  • Eating Swedish meatballs
  • Visiting Sweden

See AlsoEdit

"Stockholm Syndrome"
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