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"Stiff Upper Lip"
is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.
An English (Not American) slang term, first introduced as propaganda meant to subliminally instruct The John Bulls to politely keep their disgusting choppers out of the view of their decent and tidy American betters.

Some british guy, one of The Beatles I think or Lord, Duke SomethingOrTheOther

  • Example: "Keep a Stiff Upper Lip."
  • Translation: "Your breath stinks and it looks like you've brushed your teeth with a turd so keep it under wraps ya plague infested limey shitass!"

 !Alert! Edit

An English will attempt at all costs to blame their national tooth decay epidemic on the low quality water being pumped through their inferior metricly designed water system. It's at this point that any good American will point out empirically, that they can't understand a word of that "roundabout" language they so laughingly call english. If at all possible The American in this equation should also point out that the only two things British that are not misnomers are potted meat and inbreeding.

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