is a tool Patriots use to battle America's enemies
God Bless America

A stick

A stick is a large natural wood branch that is often seen by America hating liberal lefties as being stuck up all God fearing patriotic Republicans behinds. This is, of course, simply Liberal media propaganda as the "stick" is, in reality, a rolled up copy of the Declaration of Independence. All true good Republicans are able to absorb the patriotism of the document through the sphincter which goes directly to our bloodstream. The document is placed there in a ceremony taking place on the first general election they attend after the age of 18. Sticks are found up the arses of the conservative party in Great Britain, except that those are there more for visual effect as Britain, although now our allies in the great War on Terror simply have no similar document. In Britain it has been a tradition for a lot longer and is sometime necessary for a back bone.

Accused of having a stick up their behinds Edit

Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense has been accused of having a stick up his behind. It should be stated that when asked, his proctologist has said " The only thing up there is a copy of the Declaration of Independence and an American flag. I did have to remove a polyp in the shape of Dick Cheney's head, however"

Actually do have a stick up their arses Edit


Artist's rendition of the stick removed from Mr. Blair

Tony Blair British Prime Minister, did have an actual stick up his arse but recently removed it and of course his entire spine collapsed.

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