Steven Seagal
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.
Male silhouette

Steven Seagal, photo not available

Steven Seagal is world renown for kicking ass. His movies are original, thought provoking and have extrodinarily witty dialogue, and deservedly leap to the top of the action genre. His biggest hit is unarguably "Under Siege." He's also a jew so we know he's good with money.

Connection To StephenEdit


Stephen during his "buckskin" phase

Steven Segal's movie "On Deadly Ground" influenced Dr. Stephen Colbert to wear buckskin fringe.


Steven Segal has won 4 oscars

  • 1992 Best Actor
  • 1998 Awesomest Asskicking
  • 1996 Almost as Awesome as Stephen Colbert
  • 1997 Actor most likely to make you shit your pants

Steven Seagull won only one award....for the best Blunkens

Sean Seagull won the award for stupidest glasses of all time too

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