Steven Pinker
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process


It's not the hair that gets you, it's the humidity.

Steven Pinker is part of the vast, Steven conspiracy against the moral, upright Stephens of God's Earth. Mr. Pinker, Dr. Pinker, pinko Pinker, prefers "Steve", showing his one quality is not an afinity toward extraordinarily elongated names like wordinistas.

February 7, 2007 NailingEdit

Dr. Colbert nailed "Steve" on the February 7, 2007 program. His hippy hair went all frizzy as if it were humid. He admitted he spends a lot of time playing with it.

He's so into swearing that he blames the inability to swear on brain damage as opposed to the inner strength of the gut and the spirit of Jesus.


uses magic tricks

hung up on swear words

studied grammar

grammar of talkin' ██!

specialty is the brain

Explain how brain works in 5 words or less: "brain cells fire in patterns"

patterns establish thoughts

language is important to him, because that's how we communicate

ideas are communicated better when shouted, volume makes it important

modern denial of human nature

fear the idea that evolution is involved

SC not afraid of ghosts or evolution: neither exist

some people get it, some people don't

could be differences

can become a blank state

SC worked very hard over the years to stop thinking, now he's empty inside

took years to be a blank slate

have when born original sin

objects are

name-dropped Harvard and MIT - Pinker went from MIT to Harvard, went from nerd table to rich nerd's table

February 11, 2009 NailingEdit

  • Harvard psychology professor who posted his genome onto the internets
    • most boring blog ever
  • shared a flowing locks gene with Michael Landon
  • he learned that he was a carrier of a gene for a nasty disease
    • familial disautonomia (sp)
  • ignorance is bliss
    • better to know
      • if you have the curious gene
  • like posting the social security number God gave you
    • doesn't care if everyone knows he's lactose intolerant
  • Stephen would use gene knowledge to fire employees
  • Congress passed law that prevents insurance companies from denying coverage
  • has a gene that gives him an 80% chance of being bald

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