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Steven M. Biskupic is a patriotic American, a brilliant jurist, and a loyal supporter of our President. Mr. Biskupic currently serves as U.S. Attorney for Eastern Wisconsin, a job to which he was appointed by the Greatest President in 2002. He has had the pleasure and honor of working in both the Ashcroft and Gonzales Justish Departments.

Biskupic's Big BreakEdit

In the grand tradition of Elliot Ness, Steven Biskupic is a U.S. Attorney who stands tough on the issue of fraud. While this may not always be glamorous work, it is America's work. A U.S. Attorney must prosecute crime to the full extent of the law, let the chips fall where they may. Nothing less than the integrity of America's justiness is at stake, and a U.S. Attorney will give up his or her life to defend that bedrock ideal, "freedom and justice for all."

So, in the winter and early spring of 2006, Mr. Biskupic boldly pursued and brought to just-ish a vicious malfeasant and criminal mastermind, 56-year-old civil servant Georgia Thompson. Sure, there might have been "political" fallout. Sure, Thompson's conviction might have given been used to characterize democrat governor Jim Doyle as a fraud during the 2006 election cycle. And sure, the conviction itself might have been overturned in April 2007 on the grounds that its basis had been "beyond thin."

But those are just some of the risks a loyal U.S. Attorney takes if he wants to continue serving his country in these troubled times.

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