Steven Colbert
makes the Baby Jesus cry,
and should be treated with caution contempt!
Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Steven Colbert-nejad is a terrorist.
Fee Fie Fo Fum...I Smell Liberal Scum.
"Steven Colbert" is tainted with liberal filth.
Conservative-up this article and make Dr.Colbert and America proud.
"Steven Colbert"
is an Official "Lover of Immoral Bears" (LiB) Site™
Al Franken
Steven Colbert has earned

Nice One... NOTEdit

There is no 'v' in Stephen Colbert, for the V stands for Villain. The 'ph' stands for 'patriot/hero.'

The person who wrote the page that sent you here is obviously a freedom-hating liberal commie who hates America.

See Stephen Colbert for the One True Stephen.

Colbert-che2.jpg 595

Evil Comrade Steven Colbert: Join Communist Party, Comrade. Yes?

Steven ColbertEdit


Steven and his lovely (and evil) wife, Evilyn

It has been confirmed by a number of sources that there is a Steven Colbert. He is the evil twin of American Hero Stephen Colbert and is out to destroy America.

How to spot evil Colbert

Now, no one has ever seen this alleged Colbert twin, but we can only assume that he looks just like our glorious Stephen, but with one simple difference. An evil mustache! This evil Colbert could be deadly because unlike our beloved hero, Steven takes interest in the following un-American activities;

How to defeat evil Colbert

If for some unfortunate reason you would come across this vile creature, we here at Wikiality suggest that one of the following actions be taken.

  • Say his name and then hide, so to cause the evil Colbert's head to explode.
  • Do nothing, our hero Stephen will take care of him soon enough
  • Call him a mean name. Since he is the exact opposite of Stephen, he will start crying and probably move to California



Steven Colbert is such hippie bear-loving liberal that he is selling men’s clothes to his Iranian pals… wait… 20%???? What a bargain!!!

The Spanish American Inquisition is currently seeking and destroying all references to "Steven Colbert" on this website. If you wish to avoid torture, please go back to the page that sent you here and edit it to say "Stephen".

If you came to this page because you did a search for "Steven Colbert", please torture yourself until you confess.

Although, the best course of action to take would be to follow the political traditions of Linoleum-Tradionalism and perform the following:

  1. Place your left hand on your right hip.
  2. Lift the thumb of your right hand to point magnetic north while humming the alphabet backwards.
  3. Arrange both feet in alignment according to Feng Shui posture stand #7.
  4. Speak the word "Oops" slowly and then loudly and slow and fast until the feeling has passed.
  5. Schedule a bath to wash off the lingering nastiness.

Axis Of Evil Edit

Steven Colbert is a member of the Axis of Evil, along with Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris. To help fight the axis of evil, see The War on Norrisism.

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