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Steven Edit

  1. How the best people in the world named Steven spell their name. Like that loser Steve Carell, who should really go back to The Daily Show please, please, please. Steven Baltizar is the coolest Steven there is.

In the bible Edit

The Bible states:
"Let there be Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steven with a V for V is a Roman Numeral and letters that pretend to be numbers are just transvestites by a different name, and the Lord hates him some transvestites."
(Gen: 4:14)

It goes on to say: "God whispered unto Moses and said, Stephen is a Godly name and if I were to ever have a son that didn't have to die on a cross or get tortured he would be named Stephen Colbert because the pH is a measure of the acidity of a solution in terms of activity of hydrogen and me loves the hydrogen.. and well Colbert just sounds cool...especially when the T is silent..."

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