Steve Schmidt
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

Steve Schmidt kicking some press ass soon after meeting it.

When The Greatest Maverick Ever ran for president in 2000, someone spread a rumor about his black child that sank his campaign in South Carolina. When The Greatest Maverick Ever ran again in 2008, that person wasn't available, so The Greatest Maverick Ever hired the next best thing, Steve Schmidt.

Steve Schmidt's ApprenticeshipEdit

Steve Schmidt learned from the master of original, fresh-thinking, modern-day-Machiavellian politics: Karl Rove. Not much is known about their meetings, but it is certain that Rove is the master and that Steve Schmidt learned from him.

Steve Schmidt's Masterful BallsEdit

As the head boss of the campaign, Steve Schmidt has driven the McCain presidential campaign through some rough terrain. It was Steve Schmidt who chose The Greatest Maveratrix Ever to be at the top running mate.

Other decisions made decisively by Steve Schmidt, were:

  • ignoring calls to release McCain's medical records
  • invading Alaska to prevent the "Troopergate" fiasco from getting into the national news

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