Steve McQueen
is Very Manly™.
Steve McQueen
is wa-a-ay too dependent on memes.
Get off the meme merry-go-round.
Steve mcqueen

Notice the resemblance to his son Stephen?

Steve McQueen is an immortal god thought to be dead by the left wing liberal media for years and the infamous right hand man of God himself. He serves as the big man's lauded advisor so without Mcqueen there is no George Bush. Yeah, you're welcome. God appointed Steve McQueen to travel to earth and impregnate Stephen Colbert's mother, Lorna Colbert. Thus Stephen Colbert Jr was given immortality and extreme coolnes much like his legendary father.

The Coming of the mighty McQueenEdit

After God created the world in six days many leftwing nuts thought that he rested on the seventh. Far from it. On that holiest of holy days he took everything that was cool (from Miles Davis to Joe Camel) and breathed life into it. This infant spirit of truthy cool was implanted on the earth. It took five women three days to finally give birth to the right hand man of god himself, Steve McQueen.

From then on out, McQueen would uphold the law of the land using nothing but his gut, his inherent truthiness and one kick-ass motorcycle.

Powers and Abilities Edit


Not to be confused with Lightning McQueen

McQueen is considered to be the enforcer of God's rules and regulations. Unlike his favored son, Stephen, McQueen simply beats the bejesus out of the pinko liberals. He rides upon a holy bike stolen from the nazis and destroys all enemies of Stephen Colbert. It is written in the scriptures that one day McQueen will come and smite all those who oppose the Colbert Report. He is known as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse as well (the others being Kojak, Charles Bronson, and Billy Dee Williams.)

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