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Steve Forbes agrees with Rush,
Michael J. Fox is faking!
Steve Forbes
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Steve and bush

Steve and the Bush wave farewell to Iowa's economy after finding out how much corn it really takes to fill there trucks up with Bio-Diesel


Steve "Fortunes" Forbes (born July 18, 1947), is the son of Malcolm Forbes and the editor-in-chief of business magazine Forbes as well as president and chief executive officer of its publisher, Forbes Inc. He was a Republican candidate in the U.S. Presidential primaries in 1996[1] and 2000.

Presidential campainsEdit

Forbes entered the Republican primaries for President of the United States in 1996 and 2000, primarily running on a campaign to establish a flat income tax (which does not affect the lower class in anyway).He supports traditional Republican Party policies such as downsizing government agencies to balance the budget, opposition to pollution control, invading Iran, opposition to gun control and drug legalization, tough crime laws and support for the death penalty, and school vouchers (Most of his idea's came from steven's book).

money he keep under his mattressEdit

Forbes himself is quite wealthy, with a net worth upwards of $430 million (The rest is in some off-shore account). In response to this criticism, Forbes promised in his 2000 campaign to exempt himself from the benefits of the flat tax....(How thoughtfull)

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